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Your estate plan should be as unique as your family.

We offer a comprehensive set of services to ensure all your estate planning needs are met. Whether you have an estate worth $3,000 or millions, we can help ensure you and your loved ones are provided for in the most effective way possible. Because we do not offer simple forms but have an actual attorney preparing your estate, every unique situation can be handled.

Do I have enough in my estate to warrant a Trust?

This is a common question. Most of us have thought that trusts and estate plans were only for the rich. This is simply not true. Estates of all economic levels can benefit from a well thought out and executed plan. Imagine having only $3000 in your estate, and then your family needing to pay half of that just to probate it. The time and expense would make it barely worth the effort. Now someone with a well organized plan from complete estae plans would be able to give the full $3000 immediately.

What issues should I plan for in handling medicare?

The first thing is whether you are going to need medicare at all. If so, your estate must be well crafted to ensure that if medicare is needed, you will not need to forfiet all assets. Medicare allows you to keep some assets while alive, but then comes after them after death. As such, careful planning regarding those assets you want to leave to your decendants should be undertaken.


No estate plan is complete without a will, but as you will learn, it usually more beneficial to also have a trust for assets.


A trust is a legal obligation for a trustee to manage assets for beneficiaries. A trust is automatic and private with no need for court action.

Financial Power of Attorney

A financial power of attorney is a legal document that gives a fiduciary the legal right to make limited financial decisions for the principal.

Medical Power of Attorney

A medical power of attorney is similar to a financial power of attorney, except it covers medical decisions for a person who becomes unable to make them.

Living Wills

A living will is a document that contains medical instructions in the event you become unable to advocate for your own care.

Real Property Transfers

Part of your estate planning might include transferring real property. Your attorney will explain all the benefits of such transfers.

End-of-Life Planning

During your meeting, we will cover your future plans including retirement and end of life care. Our first goal is to ensure you are protected.